Sunday, 18 January 2015

The Internet

You gotta get likes
Shares and retweets
With hyperlinks
Far and wide

Slapstick comedy
White on red notifications
Plenty a penny
If you please

So how do you get
This monolithic swamp
Tempted and tamed
To work for you?

Um - don't ask me
All I've seen is
Use wacky cats
And dress up dogs

Play on peoples emotions
You know like Hollywood
Yup jingoistically exploit
Ye olde human kind

Use victory over adversity
Strictly work within
Whats acceptably trending
Never consider deviating

Want masses of views
And new followers
Move right alongside
Peoples unreached dreams

Do all this if you're scared
To be who you really are
Me? I don't like it, so
I just watch from afar

James Bickle

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