Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Thoughts on poetry.

One day - I want to write a second poetry book. You may have seen that my first poetry book had it's fifteen minutes of fame in the Amazon chart. Poetry is tough genre in the sense that - it may not make you lot's of money nor get you a double page feature in the Observer on Sunday - even if you manage to have a little chart success like me.  I joke about having a Wikipedia entry like a starry eyed X factor contestant, then the better half of me realises how silly and egotistical that ambition is - and that's part of the reason I find the idea so funny.  

The internet is swamped with hundreds of millions of channels, people's home made films, music, poetry etc. I think this is a good thing, it's allowed artists to get their work out there. The disadvantage is you are now competing against a potential 7 billion others - but like the poem don't let it dishearten you. What I think artists should focus on, in the internet age is enjoying their work and producing as high quality stuff as possible - don't get wrong or right footed by statistics - keep going.  Below is a poem that I think would be great for the first poem in Book 2 called 'Dating'. 

There's advice on every corner
Not sure if any of it helps
But I've heard, someone on the same page
And red flags, mean stop straightaway

But when it comes to it

We follow our hearts, not our minds
Cos the ones you like, don't want you
And the ones who like you, you don't want

Yet it can bring near bliss

Things fall into place
The meaning of happy
A close-knit family

Oh but don't it go bad

Off into the realms of sad
Claim and counter claim
I don't love her, I hate him

This rejection, the pain

Gets stepped on - stamped on
Now deformed it grows
Then it manifests and betrays

Well this is what happens

But this game we nearly all play
Some give up and are prone to say
Why would anyone? be senseless enough?
To try at all 

By James Bickle.