Monday, 1 December 2014

Winter Walk

Step out into crystal winter
Wrapped, muffled and warm 
Faces cold and glowing red
Icy paths, gently you tread
In wonder at the snow

The couple, giving names
To lots of birds and trees
Two more, leaping from leads
Golden and large bounding past
Little Russell blisteringly fast

Branches freed of leaves
Bracing airs swirling breeze
Greeting silvery haired pairs
Meeting a frail and lined lady
Who speaks of a hearts struggle

Crackle and crunch you hear
Whilst walking on frosty grass
Reminisce into the hazy past
Stories told and jokes shared
Best of times, memories that last
Sledges launch as riders laugh
Look at the glorious moors
Drips and drops, slightest of thaws
The trip out, nothing like a chore
Kind of sad, to go back in the door

James Bickle

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