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Interesting Developments

There is a lot of speculation about Theresa May calling a general election. But a general election now could in the long term help Labour: Theresa May gets returned with about 80 seats say; Corbyn goes and Labour regroup under a different leader and position themselves ready to take 2022. Versus Labour losing by about 25 seats if the next election were not until 2020 and then Labour not being able to take power until 2025.

Also Nicola Sturgeon is again banging the drum of independance for Scotland. But Scotland have just the same fair say about UK matters as England and Wales. Scotland have a valuable batch of SNP MP's in Westminster, helping shape legislation in London that affects their lives in Scotland. They also have extra devolved powers that we don't in England via their Scottish parliament + they have their own Scottish councils + the Scots have extra central government financing (the dividend) that the rest of the UK don't.

So in short, Scotland already get their fa…
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Jack Monroe versus Katie Hopkins

I was so pleased to see Jack Monroe win her libel case against Katie Hopkins today: I understand people should be able to talk about difficult issues without fear of reprisal but Katie Hopkins has repeatedly said outrageous things and seemed to just keep getting away with it.

I thought Monroe's  win was significant in a wider societal context because both women are powerful and prominent in our society at the moment, Monroe represents good and you guessed it Hopkins represents bad.
Under the Cameron government, Katie Hopkins often supported Camerons crueller policies, indeed Hopkins wanted Cameron to go much further than he did.
Under the Cameron government, Jack Monroe often criticised Camerons crueller policies and wanted Cameron to repeal them.
So this may have been a libel case about some awful tweets on one level, but in a wider context it was a Star Wars like power struggle of good versus bad in our society - and it was nice to see good triumph.
I would like to end this post…

Send Form Data PHP (Mysql) Using Http Post

Often on this blog, I tend to write a little post about politics in my spare time; but my day job is Computer Technician and/or Web Developer. I recently had to write a program to send form data into a SQL database using the HTTP post function. The information to write this program was all out there, but it was all scattered around in bits and pieces and not always very clear. So in the interests of the open source/share information mind set, I'm going to post the information and program I made below with comments:

Before you start.

You will need a server (your own computer can be the server running XAMMP) running XAMMP (enable/start Apache and Mysql in XAMMP once installed) if you're going to develop this locally on your computer; or if you want to develop it live on the web, you will need a web host which has PHP and MySql installed and activated. Once you have Mysql running, you will need to create a database called form and within that database a table called form; the form…

Grandad Trump

I've been watching President Trump's first couple of weeks and I have to say things are going along the lines I predicted could happen in previous articles, namely that the rest of the US establishment will revoke anything unwise that Trump attempts to get into law, either by his Executive power or by Statute.

Of course the big story overnight is that Federal Judge Robart put a halt on Trump's 'immigration ban' Executive order. Judge Robart's ruling could eventually be overturned by the US Supreme court, where I think the weighting is 3 Republican Supreme Court Judges versus 2 Democrat Judges. Even if it is overturned, the very fact that a Federal Judge even temporarily overturned Trump's original executive order, devalues President Trumps Executive power, his reputation and the Office of the President. Not good things when you consider the US President is usually viewed as the leader of the free world; it's important for us in the UK to have a good US …

Power *** !

I was watching BBC News this morning and I witnessed Michael Gove being nothing but completely positive about Donald Trump. I speculated in my mind that Gove's behaviour was about power; I don't know what his motives are of course in reality, I can only guess. Gove lost power when he was forced to withdraw from the Prime Ministerial race and yet more power when Theresa May promptly sacked him when she became Prime Minister, so it seems plausable to suggest the Trump cheerleading could be about Gove trying to gain power from Trump.

So then this got me thinking about the concept of power itself, power usually has negative connotations doesn't it. 'He or she is power mad' etc -  but in actual fact, wanting power is a positive and healthy thing; as long as you don't break rules of honesty and decency to get there.
Of course, some people break the rules to become big and powerful, in that case the power the person gained is not impressive, as any power gained via a …

Changing News

I was reading a newspaper article (online!) and was surprised to read that Twitter is losing serious money, YouTube is just about breaking even and the only site that makes any money out of the three is Facebook.

I already knew the Guardian newspaper website is losing big money also so this got me wondering: can newspapers survive in an internet age? and if so how...

The thing is, obviously before the internet, paper print newspapers were always going to get bought. People want to know what the news is and didn't always want to listen to radio or television so they brought print newspapers, to read on the train to work etc.

Once the internet came on, people could freely exchange newspaper articles at no cost over the www or via email. The big names newspapers quickly jumped on the internet bandwagon and lots published their newspapers free hoping adverts would fund their online sites. But it's now become clear that although adverts will provide some significant revenue for onl…

The Primrose Path

The world is changing fast and the chief causes are Globalisation and Neoliberalism which are two words to describe the same issue of overly unregulated markets.

Voters in America, made poor by Globalisation have opted to vote for Donald Trump, a man with no experience for the job of being President.

Voters in the United Kingdom, made poor by Globalisation have opted to vote to leave the European Union.

Both these events will cause brutal economic results in the short to medium term, we have already seen the pound lose 15% of it's value since the referendum result; this is just since the referendum, let alone what might happen after Brexit actually comes into being. Remember the pound is the main way other countries value us as a nation state on international markets. Post referendum food prices are higher, banks are pulling out of London, which is the biggest financial centre in the world.

I don't want to cause alarm, my view is the UK economy will eventually recover and be s…