Update 13.12.17: The text below describes the first version of this website. The second version is now in development!

One website I recently co-designed and coded is www.blackrussian.biz – Black Russian is a forthcoming British Gangster film. The intro to this site autoplays a clip from another of Chris Barfoot’s films, the moment the clip ends, Javascript is used to close the clip and move the visitor onto the main homepage. A cookie is used to ensure that the clip doesn’t play again during your visit to the site, although the video clip will replay again if you close the browser window completely and then reload the site.

You will see when you roll over the navigation links, various gangster themed sound clips play! The form on the Contact Us page is programmed using PHP. The rest of the site is coded using HTML5 and CSS3, this website is responsive – it automatically adapts itself to adjust for different screen widths. The Black Russian website is an example of a custom built site Meon Computers has completed.

Thanks to Film Directors Chris Barfoot and Alexandra Billington who co-designed this site.

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