I can design and publish a website for you.


One type of website you could have is a ‘fixed width website’ which is still the most popular type of website layout. All measurements are as the names suggests – fixed – this helps the website have consistency of appearance across different sized screens. Often fixed width websites have a second mobile site, which is basically a simplified version of the main site, which is designed to be viewed on mobile phones. All Meon Computers customer websites have a mobile site also.

Meon Computers can put your website on something called a ‘content management system’ or cms for short. A cms is a simple platform which makes it easy to edit your website with no coding experience, using a cms is as easy as using a word processor. Websites with ecommerce built in are available, you can hire Meon Computers to produce you a website with a shopping cart, people just click to buy your products and are taken through to a secure payment facility.

The website you are currently viewing is a ‘responsive website’, all this means is that the website has a fluid design that stretches and contracts to adapt  and optimize to the viewing screen. Custom-built websites are available with a unique logo and design, these websites are coded using the following programming languages, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, PHP + MYSQL. A custom-built website may be necessary if you have an exact design in mind for your website.

If you want to keep the costs down, I can provide you with a professionally designed template website for a lower cost. I can help with designing a business logo and provide suggestions about the design of your website. Or if you prefer you can send in your design and your website can be created to your own specifications.

http://www.alphaplumbingandelectrical.co.uk and http://www.blackrussian.biz are examples of website projects I have previously completed. Websites start at just £199 for a template site – for a website with more features or with custom programming, please apply for a quotation.